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Welcome to Brandi's Mobile Bird Grooming and Bird Services....

I travel to you and groom your bird or birds in the comfort of your home. This includes trimming their wings, nails and beaks if needed. I have a caring touch, reasonable rates and I can groom any size bird from canary to macaw. I can even work on over grown or mis-shaped beaks.

I offer a "get to know me" discount off the first visit of 20%, as well as multiple bird and referral discounts.
(Discounts applied to grooming only)

What's New??? 
Date Time Event
 Sept 2014    Attention Phoenix Area: I will be in the area grooming the16th of October through the 25th. Make your appointment today.
 July 2014    Attention Phoenix Area: I will be coming to the area to groom July 18th through 26th. It's not to late to make your appointment.
 May 2014    Important Notice : To cut back on expenses, I am consolidating phone lines and my number is changing. The new number is 623-432-2693. Please make note.
 March 2014    Attention Phoenix Area: I will be coming back to Phoenix and grooming April 9th-15th.
 January 2014   New: I have been thinking about going national. If there is a need, I would love to do it. If you would like me to travel to your area, I would need approximately around 40-60 birds to make it worth a trip. Talk to your friends, local bird clubs, local pet stores..... Then I can start a 3 month rotation in your area too!
 January 2014   Attention Phoenix Area: I will be coming back to Phoenix and grooming approximately the 9th through the16th.
 December 2013   Good News!! I am expanding to Georgia and Tennessee. Based out of Dalton on this side of the country, I will travel a 50 radius. I will still be making my Phoenix trips every three months. Pretty much all booked for the January trip, next trip will be mid April. I will be adding an extra day for that trip based on the awesome response I got this time around! :)
 11/20/2013   Attention Phoenix Area: I will be flying in on January 7th and grooming all day the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, flying out on the 13th. I will be sending out emails shortly. I do want to try and group by area, but it will also be helpful to know who would be able to do a weekday day or evening grooming. I sincerely appreciate everyone's understanding and flexibility with this. 
 8/28/2013    IMPORTANT CHANGES PLEASE READ:Do to recent family events, I will be relocating to Georgia to reside. However, not wanting to disappoint my wonderful clients, I will be attempting to come out every 3 months for a long weekend to groom and visit starting in January. This is my last week at my day job and starting next Tuesday Sept 3rd through Sept 11th I will be grooming 10-7 on weekdays and 9-4 on Saturdays with some Sunday availability. So get your appointment booked today. If you need grooming between Sept 12th and the first week or so of January, I strongly recommend talking them into Tropic Zone at 7th street and Greenway. I will be keeping everyone up to date with new informations, dates and when I will be in your area via email, this website and Facebook. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
 01/14/2013   Travel Fee Increase - See "Services and Rates" for more details.
 8/31/2012    PHONE NUMBER CHANGED TO 623-826-6779
06/20/2012    Added page for Second Chance Homes
06/23/2012  1:00 - 6:00 Bird Show and Seminar
05/01/2012  NA  Grooming hours have changed during the week to 5:00 - 6:30
02/13/2012 NA Grooming prices increase.  See "Services and Rates" for more details. 
01/03/12 - 12/31/2012  NA 2012 Frequent Feather Clippers Club

Site Outline:
Services and Rates -
 A listing of the services provided and a break down of cost by bird size and areas groomed. It also lists travel fees and discounts offered. Link to Paypal for payment.
Schedule - My normal appointment times, booked and still available, what area I will be in and a calendar.
Food, Toys and Supplies - A non-exclusive listing of different foods and supplies that can be ordered for delivery.
About Me - A little information about me, my experience and goals.
More Info - A detailed break down of how I groom and some before and after pictures.
Guest Book/Survey - Sign my guest book and take satisfaction survey.  Please leave me feedback!!
Birds~Second Chance Homes - A listing of birds looking for a new home.
Chirp and Chatter Forum - A place to ask questions, tell stories, find a new home for your bird or find a bird for you.
My Community - Places in my community I would recommend because I spend time there or use their services myself.

Contact Information:
Phone: 623-432-2693
Phoenix Location:
19th Ave and Union Hills
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Dalton Location: Beaverdale and Boyles Mill Rd
Dalton, GA 30721

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